Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Yes - by Linz

Sometimes God asks really big things of us…things that seem well beyond our capabilities, that we know will bring challenges, that most people would call crazy. Sometimes He asks so clearly it doesn’t even seem like a question. But the thing about being asked of something by a loving, faithful God, is that we know he will work things together for good, that HE knows. 

The big question God is asking of us started when we were in Ethiopia. There was an older girl (we will refer to her as “Y” since we can’t say her full name) at the transition home that God laid on our hearts. We didn’t get to know her as well as some of the other kids because she spent most of the day at school. But what we did know, was that she was a dear friend of Lielti’s and that she wasn’t matched with a family. We knew that in the span of a week, she would say goodbye to all three of her roommates, her close friends, and watch as they joined their forever families. It broke our hearts.

Weeks after being home we couldn’t stop thinking about this girl. We started our adoption journey knowing we wanted to adopt two children and Lielti really wanted a sister. So we sent an email to our agency asking about her story. 

Our hearts broke for her once again when we heard that she was essentially stuck in the system. They had been working for over a year to get a clearance from the Ethiopian government for her to be adopted. They didn’t hold out much hope that it would happen any time soon, if at all. 

So we put away the idea that she might join our family. But we continued to pray for Y to get a family. We settled into the hard work of becoming a family of six. There were days that made us sure we couldn’t handle another adoption and days that made us think another adoption would be the best thing for our family. But we didn’t make any official decisions. We had some time since our agency recommends waiting at least 6 months after being home before starting the process again. 

Well right about at the six month mark we got some unexpected news. Y had been cleared for adoption! This was great news, but definitely did not mean that she could join our family. We were not in the program since we had not decided for sure to adopt again. But this seemed like God swinging the door wide open. So we sent an email to our agency again expressing our desire to have Y in our family. We spent the next few days trying to keep our excitement balanced with reality, we didn’t succeed. It was so hard not to let our minds race with the excitement of having another girl in our family.

Monday morning came with hard news, it seems the door that swung wide was being closed. Due to circumstances we aren’t sure we can share on our blog, it would not be possible for us to move forward. I was stunned. I didn’t realize until that moment that what I had felt over the last few days wasn’t just excitement. It was assurance. I told Brad, “I felt 100% sure that she was supposed to be in our family.” The door had clearly closed, but it did not feel right. I could not figure out why God would open this door just to close it again. I spent two days on the verge of tears. 

And then God did what he does. He made a way, he moved mountains and he showed us more clearly than anything we have ever seen that there was a way. Through a series of events, we were granted approval to move forward with the adoption. It was not official yet, but we could move forward. At this point moving forward meant paperwork.

Most people will talk about how daunting the “paper chase” is…gathering documents, setting appointments, getting things certified and notarized. It’s a complicated process that usually takes about 3-6 months. Well, I am married to a paperwork superstar. Brad compiled our complete dossier in just over a month! 

Last week it became official. We have been accepted back into the program, our paperwork is in order and we are officially Y’s family! As soon as it became official, they were able to tell Y that she has a family. I can’t even imagine. This sweet girl who has seen so many of her friends have this moment. She has shared their excitement at having a family and then eventually had to say good-bye to every one of those friends. It is finally her turn. It’s her turn to be the kid sharing pictures and knowing she will have a family again…forever. And we, way over here in the corner of the United States, 8,000 miles away, have been blown away by our God moving mountains to allow us to be that family.


Wendy said...

What timing!. Was just praying about you guys this morning... And then read this!. God already answered!! So happy for you and Y.!!!

Janet Reierson said...

How exciting! Thrilled for you all! :)

Dennis Hockman said...

Praise be to GOD. Glorifying the LORD is one of our greatest gifts that we have.