Thursday, February 19, 2015

Follow-up and Dire Dawa - by Brad

Here are a few follow-up pictures from yesterday, and then I'll talk about today...

A panorama of Harar...

One of the holes in the walled old Harar city where they let the Hyenas come in to clean up the garbage at night...

We walked down narrow passage ways in the Harar markets where they had many Ethiopian spices in bags like this..
Because our flight back to Addis wasn't until 2:00, we had a leisurely morning at the hotel in Dire Dawa. We had a late breakfast and then walked around town. It was very warm there so after a long walk, we took a little taxi back to the hotel. It was nice to have the breeze blowing over you.
On the way back to the airport in Dire Dawa, we got out and walked around a park that housed an upside-down house. Apparently there is a festival that bounces around from city to city in Ethiopia each year and when it was Dire Dawa's turn, they constructed this house to show off their architectural abilities. There were a few ladies eating lunch underneath the steps going into the house. They offered us white folk to share some of their lunch. We were about to until our guide told us it would probably make us sick.
At the airport Lielti showed off her personality and independent nature. She certainly likes to be goofy when in the right mood and enjoys walking far ahead of everyone else - even when she doesn't know where she is going, or walking right past security guards armed with automatic weapons. Once again she loved the airplane flight and even when the heavy turbulence bounced the medium-sized airplane around, she grinned really big and laughed about it.
It may take her a while to open up when she gets home, but Lielti has a very fun, silly, strong-willed personality. She seems to have very little fear and a huge grin! Can't wait to get home for her to meet everyone.

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