Monday, January 12, 2015

The Journey - by Brad

Not completely sure what day it is. We woke up at 5:20 Sunday morning to get ready to leave. The boys woke up shortly after wide awake for some adventure. Left Wenatchee at 6:50 and drove over the clear pass to the Smiths house in Redmond where we were able to chat with Carol for a few minutes before she gave up her morning and dropped us off at the airport with our 15 items of luggage (mostly containing donations of one form or another). We waited around the airport for a few hours until we boarded our Lufthansa flight to Germany.

Adventure you say? Not yet. 10 hours on the plane with electronics galore. Very little sleeping occurred. Heavy jet lag is definitely in the forecast. The boys were happy and patient on their first flight, however they weren't impressed with the airplane food options. Spencer was the only one who accomplished a deep sleep - about 20 minutes before we landed. Lindsey had to rudely interrupt Spencer's sleep and we disembarked in Frankfurt with only 10 minutes before our next flight boarded. We had hoped to have an hour to stretch and refresh but that didn't happen. The nerves were starting to unravel. Fortunately as we boarded our next 9.5 hour flight, the nerves went back onto the spool and everyone kept it together. 

While the electronics weren't as high tech on the second airplane, it didn't take as much to entertain a family of zombies. Once we flew past the alps (I think) it cleared up and we could see Croatia and the Adriatic Sea below. The airspace above Greece was a little slippery and the boys got to experience a bit of turbulence, but that didn't phase them. Elliott just grinned when his stomach seemed to jump up in his throat. Shortly after flying over the Mediterranean, we all got a few hours of sleep on the plane.

Pit stop in Saudi Arabia and off to Ethiopia! Getting through visas and baggage claim seemed a little like aimless wandering for a bit, especially with five of us. We were held as a captive audience in the visa line for a boisterous Nigerian man who kept being surprised by the fact that us Americans were adopting a girl with dark skin because he had many accusations about Westerners been racist. He also called Lindsey beautiful several times and told our kids to be bold stand strong like an African man. Not sure what was going on, but we have a way of attracting the loud people... probably because we looked quiet as we were trying to figure out what we were doing. We finally made it to the guest house around 11:00 PM Ethiopia time. Chatted with the other couple in the guest house who got to meet their son earlier today. Will be fun to get to know them more this week. We now need to go to bed so we can meet our daughter in the morning and make a day that we will remember forever!

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