Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Meeting Our Girl - by Linz

Today was the day we had been envisioning since we got our referral 7 months ago. We finally got to meet our daughter! It was a flood of emotion that I am not sure I can put into words. There are many photos and videos of today, but they can’t be posted until our court date (this Thursday).  

After staying up last night until after 1:30, we were awakened at 5:30 by the call to prayer blaring from the mosque. We all spent the morning in nervous, excited anticipation. We didn’t know what to expect, or what to say, or how she would respond. We didn’t know how the boys would react or if we would overwhelm her, all five of us waiting to greet her.

Our guide picked us up from the guesthouse and drove us to the transition home. We parked outside the gate and he went in to tell her that we were there. The super nice family we are travelling with offered to take photo and video for us. We lined up at the bottom of a staircase waiting for her to come outside. As we saw her come through the doorway, we each lit up with a huge grin, Brad and I added some tears of joy along with our smiles. She came right up and gave us each a big hug. She wrapped her arms so tightly around me and I didn’t want to let her go, but Brad and the boys needed their hugs too!

After the hugging and the tears we sat down and showed her pictures on our phone. This girls LOVES pictures, she loves looking at photos, taking photos, posing for photos…and she certainly knows her way around an iPhone to do all these things. (The selfie trend has made its way to Ethiopia!) Before we left home, Brad walked through our house to make a video for Lielti. She must have watched it a dozen times today. I wish I could explain the way her face lit up when we got to the part of the video that showed her room. After we sifted through photos we took out some markers and colored for a while. It wasn’t long before we had a crowd of excited kids joining in. We colored with the kids and got lots of hugs and even some kisses. The boys jumped right in and played soccer and football. They had a great time and made fast friends with the kids there. Turns out our girl has a great arm and can catch a football too! We spent the afternoon playing and marveling at the fact that this adorable little girls was calling us mom and dad, right here with us…finally.

We toured the transition home and she proudly showed us her room. We met nannies and the cook and visited the babies. I cannot possibly do justice to the feeling of being here with my words. To spend the day with our daughter and her friends, to meet the people who do such a great job at the transition home, whether it be our guide, the cook, the nannies, the director, the teacher, they are all such great people. It has been a joyful, exhausting day.


Unknown said...

Tears streaming down my face as I read about this amazing, precious day. I'm so glad you had someone to take pics and video of that first meeting--good or bad, it's once in a lifetime! Thanking God you are with your girl at last, and praying for your short time with her.

Unknown said...

That last comment was from Brazenlilly! (Jen T.)

Unknown said...

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