Thursday, January 15, 2015

Court Date - by Brad

Once again, we all woke up around 5:00 and couldn’t get back to sleep. We prepared ourselves for a busy day and headed out at 8:30 we drove through town through some very interesting scenery to get to the Ethiopian Courthouse. We waited with several other families in a small courtroom style waiting room until we were called back to meet the judge. He asked us a few quick questions and within 10 minutes we were Lielti’s parents!

After the court hearing we went to Robera Coffee, did the tour, and sampled their coffee. Yes, even I drank a cup of Ethiopian coffee. It was for the experience. Of course Lindsey loved it and thought it was all great.

After that we headed to lunch before going to the transition house to spend the afternoon with Lielti and all the other kids who seem to think we are human jungle gyms. These kids are so fun and amazing. It's good know many of them have families or else we would be trying to adopt them all. There are a few whose paperwork hasn't come through, and others who are older or have special needs. These kids break our hearts. They want families so bad. To see the mixed emotions of these kids who have fun with us, but long to see their own families is overwhelming.

This wore us out, but at 7:30 we headed out for an Ethiopian dinner with live music and dancing. The food was amazing and both Lindsey and I had to dance with an Ethiopian lady that amounted to shaking of our shoulders and head. The boys sat patiently in their seats half awake, worn out by the crazy that was going on combined with a week of long days.

Our heads were a bit in the clouds today as we legally became a family of six. Lindsey and I have the daughter we have wanted, the boys have the sister they have wanted, and Lielti has the family she has wanted.

We already have some clues about what challenges may be ahead, but the same challenging traits are going to bring a tremendous amount of joy and energy to our family.

Side note: we have said Lielti's name about 4 different ways since we first heard it. We have even heard a few different ways her friends say her name. For now, we are trying to pronounce it like she does, but it will probably get a little Americanized. Leh-el-tee. If you say it fast and a bit staccato without emphasizing any of the syllables, it almost sounds like the way she says it.

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