Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Another Great Day in Addis Ababa - by Linz

Today was amazing. We started our morning off at the transition home where we took photos for families who are waiting to meet their kids. We loved getting photos while we were waiting and it was exciting to get to send a little bit of that excitement to other families. As we entered the gates of the Transition Home, the kids waved and shouted with excitement. When our daughter saw us in the van, she jumped up and down with her arms in the air and her face lit up with an excitement that we will always remember. Soon after our arrival, she swiped Brad’s phone out of his pocket and ran all over the place taking pictures of friends, nannies, and her brothers. She followed Wesley around as his shadow for a long time copying everything he said and did.

After our time at the transition home, we went to visit and orphanage. It was about an hour drive and we got to see a lot of great sights along the way. There were lots and lots of people and cars on the road all just sort of weaving around each other. The driving here is crazy, but all of the people are so kind and patient that even though horns are honking constantly, the drivers are all still calm and smiling. Sometimes, you swerve really, really, really close to other cars and even pedestrians, sometimes you drive on the left-hand shoulder, sometimes you swerve around a mule that is standing in the road to avoid flies in the grassy fields…whatever it takes. I am thankful we have an expert driver and despite the apparent chaos we feel very safe.

The orphanage we visited is relatively new and there were about twenty kids there from infants up to ten years old. There was just something about it that was so joyful. It strikes me as odd that to be in place that exists because of sad and traumatic situations, we can walk into a mass of smiling faces and truly feel joy. The nannies played happily with the kids, a variation of duck duck goose. The kids sat nicely in their school desks and sang us a couple of songs. We returned the favor by singing Jesus Loves Me for them. The boys all played catch and soccer with the kids. Elliott and I wore watches with buttons that entertained a couple of girls for about 15 minutes. As a result, the alarm on my watch went off three times on the drive back.  They gave us hugs and kisses and were so sweet to us. On the drive back Spencer said that he really liked going to the orphanage, but he liked that transition home a little bit better because his sister is there.

The boys are loving all the time they have spent playing with the kids here. Wesley and Spencer have decided they want to move to Addis!

And to top it all off, I had my first Ethiopian macchiato here… it did not disappoint!

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