Thursday, January 10, 2013

Back to Real Life - by Linz

Christmas break was extra long for the boys this year. Almost three full weeks! I loved having them home and getting to spend all day with them.

We decorated sugar cookies, ate too many cookies, played board games, did the advent calendar, read Christmas books, played Xbox, played Legos, went sledding, drank hot chocolate, wrapped presents, looked at Christmas lights, went sledding again, drank hot chocolate again, stayed up late, more sledding, more hot chocolate, more Xbox, more Legos, enjoyed dad's extra days off, celebrated Christmas with family, played in the snow with cousins, played with new toys, celebrated  new years with some party poppers and sparkling cider and a movie and "toasts" to what we were thankful for in 2012.




...and then, January 2nd came and we woke up and went to work and went to school (some with tears) and cleaned up the house and did laundry and cooked a healthy dinner and didn't eat sugar cookies or drink hot chocolate. And now, a week later, we are back to real life. 


Nina said...

Sounds like you made lots of memories to keep forever. Wonderful picture of a precious family!

Caleb said...

hey, could you have brad send me an email.

a few of us down here in arizona are worried about bryan and wanted to see how he is doing.