Sunday, November 18, 2012

How We Ended Up Here - by Linz

Here we are... knee deep in the paperwork that is the adoption process! Brad has been amazingly organized and getting everything done in record time so far. We have had one visit with the social worker (who informed us that we are her most efficient clients ever) for our home study, the whole family has appointments to be poked and prodded and then deemed healthy enough to adopt, we have signed and read and signed and read form after form. We are waiting for passports and certified copies of forms saying that we are who we say we are...and a notary says so too! We are paying crazy attention to detail, while trying to keep all the forms straight and have the right ones notarized and sent off to the right person. All for the sake of growing our family through adoption...which makes this craziness, not only completely worth it, but kinda fun and super exciting.

I have always thought about adoption, and in some capacity thought I would surely adopt one day, but it was always a way off in the future sort of a concept. Brad and I have talked about the idea of adoption since before we had our own kids, but then we had three boys and life got busy and there was always a reason not to.

In the last two years we have been able to see the adoption process unfold for two families that we know. Their willingness to share their adoption process, the exciting, trying, frustrating, and the joyful aspects of it, made it seem very real and close and possible. Exhausting, but possible.

I found myself unable to stop thinking about adoption and while I had always considered adoption to be a possibility, this was somehow very different. It is very much in my nature to take something like this and think to myself "yes, I feel lead to do that, but A LOT of people feel that way and A LOT of them probably have stronger feelings about it, or would be better at it." But as I talked to more and more people about adoption, I heard a few people say things like, "I just don't feel like that is right for my family, I could never do that." And I so appreciated their honesty, because it made me realize that I could never close that door. And maybe the reason that I couldn't stop thinking about it was because God was leading me toward this. So I talked to Brad about it. He agreed that this was something that God had laid on my heart and that, while he was a bit more hesitant, he was willing to talk about it and pray about for a few months. Oh and talk about it I did! I spent hours researching agencies and countries and then relaying all of my new information onto Brad. When we became pretty sure that this would eventually happen we talked about it with the boys to see how they felt about the idea and were happy to hear that they are all very excited. As we discussed more and more as a family, we became sure that adoption was what God planned for our family. We decided to wait until after we filled out our application to tell our family. But Spencer apparently didn't get that memo! (I love that he was too excited to keep it too himself!) He jumped the gun and told his leader at VBS that we were adopting, by the end of the day three families from that church found me to talk adoption because they had adopted already or were in the process of adopting too. After that we thought we better tell our family before they heard it second hand or from our kiddos.

We applied with America World Adoptions. We are adopting from Ethiopia. We requested a sibling group of two with the oldest being 5. We didn't specify a gender preference. But I will say, our boys talk an awful lot about how fun it would be to have a little sister.  So that's where we are, and how we ended up here. I am sure there will be many, many adoption posts in the future.


Jo B. said...

We were so excited to hear this news! We will pray for your family and for the child(ren) that are waiting to come home. Praying that God would strengthen and equip you and guide you each step of the way.
Love you guys!
Jo and Roy

Brazenlilly said...

This is SO EXCITING! I have tears streaming down my face as I read your story, b/c it is so similar to ours. God prepared your heart in so many ways to be open and obedient to this huge leap of faith. Adoption has changed our lives for the better--refined us and blessed us and grown us up in our faith and our walks with the Lord. I'm so thrilled to follow your family's journey and especially that wonderful day when you'll see the face of your new little ones! Are you guys only on the list for siblings, or for single kiddos as well? CONGRATULATIONS and consider the T family your biggest cheerleaders!

Nina said...

So beautiful what God has done in your hearts to follow this calling. You are prayed for and loved.