Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Back To School - by Linz

After a fun-filled summer we are back to the school routine...almost. The big change this year is that Spencer started Kindergarten! Faithful blog readers,(who are probably quite disappointed in the lack of blogging lately) will know that Spencer has been a very busy and sometimes extremely challenging kiddo. I love him dearly, but he tested my motherly limits on many occasions. All of those moments lead to my frequently counting the days until he would be in school with his brothers and I would have a few hours a day to feel sane again. But when the first day of kindergarten rolled around I was suddenly very unsure what to make of the whole idea. Spencer was apprehensive, but was so brave. He just said good-bye gave me a hug and went on into class like a champ. I said good-bye, bit my lip and went crying to my car like a crazy mom. I was so shocked at how hard this transition was for me! I had, after all, been looking forward to this since Spencer's very terrible twos. How could I not be excited? I think that somewhere along the way all the counting the days until all of my kids were in school just became habit. I told myself that I was excited about it, but I never really thought about what it would be like. When Elliott and Wes went to school last fall Spence and I had a lot of time to spend together and I loved every minute of it. Turns out, that one-on-one Spencer is a purely delightful boy! He became my sidekick and source of constant entertainment and company. I don't think it ever dawned on me that alone time might be kinda lonely! Sending my boys to kindergarten has always been tough for me. They seem so small in that big school and I have to adjust to missing them for while each day. But when I look at how much Elliott and Wesley have grown and how much they enjoy school, I know it's the right choice for our family. I am incredibly grateful for three boys who are very capable and who really enjoy school. Elliott is in 4th grade this year. He came home the first week of school and informed us that he wanted to join the strings group and play Viola. So that is something new and exciting for him this year. Wesley is in Second grade and having a great year so far. I think he likes being the older brother who can help Spencer along and share the wealth of knowledge he has acquired in his previous TWO years of school!


Steph said...

Adorable. You have some handsome boys there! And I feel like Wyatt is exactly like Spencer! You may have said that before... When Henry's around, Wyatt can be a nutcase and I am counting the days till he's in big kid school. :) On his own though, he's a little charmer and I am trying to remember to cherish these few moments with him. You are such a great mom - I love hearing about all your adventures with those boys. (and perhaps learn a few things along the way) ;)

Jeremy said...

Hey I just had my second and I'm excited that she was born on 8/31! Kid retirement ONE YEAR EARLY! BOOYAH! Just remember that if you get lonely, you can always make another one.

Anonymous said...

Loved your post! Brings back so many memories. Oh, how the time flies!
Love, Aunt Karen