Monday, October 03, 2011

Banks Lake Camping - by Brad

For the last excursion of the summer, Lindsey's side of the family all met up at Banks Lake by Grand Coulee. This lake is an irrigation reservoir and we were told that once every 20 years they drain the lake way down to for maintenance. Well, we were lucky enough to find the lake drained about 25 feet below its normal level.

Having the lake drained made it a little less desirable to swim in and the exposed muck revealed a weird stench when you wandered around it, but it brought all sorts of other fun for the kids (and grown ups). Over the past 20 years boaters have dropped MANY things into the water. They weren't found until a group of crazy folks (my in-law clan) decided to do a little "treasure" hunting. (I love you in-laws! Crazy isn't necessarily a bad thing.)

My brother-in-law found a wallet around the docks with over $200 of decomposed cash in it. I haven't heard if he was able to salvage it or what came of that.

The treasure hunts turned up camping chairs, buoys, anchors, an old camera, ropes, a jet ski hood, a kite board sail, fishing poles, an unopened Corona, and many other garbage treasurers.

Uncle Matt kept the kids entertained by taking them fishing. They didn't have any luck, but the kids sure had fun following him around and messing up his fishing gear.

The muck from the lake bed would easily turn into mud if you repeatedly stomped in one place. The kids had a great time creating a muck pit and wallowing in it.

Our motorcycle fanatic, Spencer, got to go on his first motorcycle ride around the park with Grandpa. He was so excited; he loved every second of it!

And a random shadow picture of Elliott and me.

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We Are The Jones' said...

We turned the money into the bank and they sent it off to a mutilated money specialist. We should hear in 8 weeks if we can get cash back for it. Cross fingers :)