Friday, May 13, 2011

Hawaii... aww yeah (part 3) - by Brad

Blame it on the three hour time change (or the fact we didn't have any obligations), but we woke up around 6:00 almost every morning... even when we wanted to sleep in. We envisioned our vacationing as staying up late and sleeping in, but it was exactly the opposite.

We had been going pretty much non-stop for the first five days, so the day after Hana we took it easy. We went to a little seafood cafe for lunch. There really wasn't anything too eventful about it, but I took what I think is a cute picture of Lindsey... with a pirate.

That evening we were treated to the most colorful sunset of the week... right from our own patio... err, "lanai" - I guess is what I was supposed to call it when in Hawaii.

At this point, I should interject a little bit about the sea life we saw. Between scuba diving and snorkeling, we saw tons of colorful fish, several creepy looking eels, and many other small interesting creatures. We saw many, MANY large sea turtles, and of course there were the spinner dolphins (previous post).

Earlier in the week when Aaron and I went diving at Molokini the dive guides asked us what we were hoping to see. I told them I would like to see a shark, and they obliged. The first thing they led us to was a white tip reef shark. It was resting in a small cave created by the coral reef. We swam right up to it and got within 10 feet of it. It was pretty neat to look at, but it honestly wasn't as exciting as it might have been if we had seen it swimming. They also took us to a field of garden eels. As we approached them, the dive guides told us to lay down in the sand and crawl slowly toward them so they don't duck into their holes.

While snorkeling, Aaron and I also saw a spotted eagle ray. It swam below us for about 10 minutes and we followed it around. It is amazing how smooth they glide. We did get some video and pictures with Aaron's camera while we snorkeled, so hopefully they turned out and I can get some of those posted.

For our last full day we got up early and took a snorkel tour out to Molokini. Snorkeling Molokini wasn't as exciting since we had snorkeled the shoreline and seen so much already, but the boat ride out was pretty neat...

After the snorkel tour we spent the rest of the morning and afternoon at Poolenalena beach. There were a few coves on this beach, but we tried to stay away from the far end of the beach as there were a couple old naked guys sunbathing... at least it made for a lot of bad jokes. Despite the unwanted entertainment, one of the strangest snorkeling memories was made. Lindsey and I were snorkeling and she dove down to find a neat little sea shell. She looked at it, and seeing there was no snail or hermit crab living in it, she handed it to me and I put it in the pocket of my shorts. When we got back on the beach I reached into my pocket to grab the shell and I felt something squishy in there. I pulled out the shell to find a baby octopus! We looked at it for a couple minutes as it squirmed on top of the shell, and then we let it go back in the ocean. I wish we had our regular camera for this picture, but it was just my blurry phone...

This was by far the biggest trip Lindsey and I had taken since our Australia/Papua New Guinea trip nine years ago. Hopefully it's not another nine years before we get around to it again. This was great for our anniversary vacation since it reaffirmed to us how much we enjoy spending time with each other. When we got back home we had to jump right back into our busy lives, which was a shock to our systems after getting to spend so much time together. Of course we missed our kids and we look forward to making the same sort of trip with them... when they are a little older.

To wrap it up, here are a couple miscellaneous flower pictures that Lindsey took. I didn't really have any other good place to post them...

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