Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hawaii... aww yeah. (part 1) - by Brad

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, Lindsey and I spent 9 nights in Maui. My oldest sister volunteered to watch our kids at our house the whole week! We are extremely thankful for her and the craziness she endured.

The discussion started eight months ago with our friends Aaron and Kathy who had been to Maui a couple times before. Lindsey and I had been contemplating where we wanted to go for our 10th anniversary. We heard many great reviews about Hawaii, so I joked to Aaron that if they would go to Hawaii with us, I would get my scuba certification so he would have someone to dive with there. I was pleasantly surprised a couple weeks later when Aaron asked if I was serious. That began our Hawaii planning… and my new scuba hobby.

The first night there we were eating dinner and got suckered into buying a lei. Maybe not suckered, but what else can you do when you are on a dinner date and a lady walks up selling flowers?

View from the condo. The grounds were immaculately kept.
We visited many different beaches where we spent our time relaxing, snorkeling, diving, and eating. Spending a large portion of my childhood living on an island in the pacific northwest, I've clocked a lot of time at the beach, but I don't really have any memories of swimming in the ocean because it was so stinkin' cold. This was the first time I had ever been able to just go out swimming in the ocean (the water temp was around 75 degrees). I thought people were stretching the truth about the ability to float so much easier in salt water, but they were right. As long as we were laying face down with mask and snorkel, we were able to float for hours (which we did on several occasions). Aaron had an underwater camera that we used during snorkeling, I hope to get some of those pictures and videos posted later.
My first dive in Hawaii at the Makena Black Sands beach...

About ready to head down...

We hit a Luau, like any good tourist would. It was entertaining and the buffet food was decent. The food...

Just to prevent any confusion, the man below is not me, it's the fire dancer guy... he was pretty impressive. We have video of the whole fire routine, but not really blog worthy.

And some random scenery photos from the first couple days...

(Makena Black Sands Beach) 

(Maalaea Bay)

(Next to Maalaea Bay)

(Beach on Maalaea Bay)

(Along South Kihea Road)

(La Perouse Bay)


Nina said...

What a blessing you were able to go and celebrate your 10th anniversary!!! It is so beautiful especially the awesome pictures of the two of you. A great place to go to collect memories. I have a few that still bring a smile.

Brazenlilly said...

Yeah! Looks like an awesome trip. Congrats to you guys on 10 years and so glad you got to do this. Yeah for aunties who will babysit!

Our Story said...

I just was able to read about your Maui trip! We just got back! Great pictures. Sounds like you guys loved it as much as we did.

Anonymous said...

hi, Brad,

I've been looking for blog posts about Maui to feature on our site. If you're interested, you can drop me a line at Kate (at) Dwellable (.com)


ps cool pic of the tree on Maalea Bay