Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baseball off to an Exciting Start - by Brad

Baseball has started for the boys. Elliott is in his second year of machine pitch and Wesley is in his second year of coach-pitch/t-ball. Spencer is anxious to start next year, and he has been wearing his brother's old uniforms around a lot. Elliott and Wesley both have red uniforms but they are on different teams in different age groups.

Wesley had his first game of the season on Tuesday night. In his league they don't keep score, but he had a lot of fun and kept talking about his game the rest of the night. He has developed a better swing and a little more drive than last year. He had to get used to the tee his first two at-bats, but he connected well on his third at-bat.

Wesley at bat and crossing home plate...

Elliott had his first game last night. Last year was a difficult year for him and his team. It was his first year in the league where they actually kept track of the score and his team never won a game all season long. So we were excited when we saw that he was on a team whose coaches and players showed some promise.

Last night was the most exciting little league game we have attended. Elliott's team started off in the lead during the top of the first inning, 4-0. Over the course of the game the score went back and forth until the top of the last inning when his team went up by one point, 11-10. It was the bottom of the 6th (last) inning, there were two outs, the other team had runners on second and third bases. In this league the outs typically only come from the batter striking out, not from any plays in the field. Since the other team had a good hitter at bat, we were sure the game was going to at least be a tie, if not lose it. The batter hit the ball to second base, who amazingly stopped the ball and then through it toward the first baseman - ELLIOTT - who stretched as far as he could with his foot firmly planted on the bag and caught the ball a split second before the runner touched the bag. The runner was called out and Lindsey and I were almost jumping out of our shoes!

Elliott made it to base 3 out of 4 times at-bat and then made the game saving catch. What a way to get his first win in baseball! I am not sure if Elliott realized what happened at first, but I think the excitement of his parents rubbed off and later he said it was "the funnest night ever!"

Elliott at bat and crossing home plate...

Lindsey and I had contemplated having one of us leave early because our home group Bible study had started... at our house (we just leave the front door unlocked for them)... but I am glad we both watched it to the end!

It certainly makes the rest of the baseball season look more exciting. It is much easier to be as busy as we are when we know our boys are having fun and their teams aren't in shambles.

Also, you can be sure there will be more (and better quality) little league pictures to come...