Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ugh, Birthday, Dialogues, Scuba - by Brad

I have slowed down in this whole blogging bit, so I better get another post in before January ends. A lot has happened, so I have several random topics to discuss. Some of this stuff has already been on Facebook, but I don't really trust that Facebook is reliable enough to maintain our family's "online diary."


Spencer has been giving us a run for our money. The first two weeks of January were a blur of fit throwing, time-outs, much screaming, and many (many, many) instances of "applying swift force to the tender posterior." We were about to pull our hair out... or someone's hair out. He seems to be doing a little better now... there are still a few kinks that need to be worked out before his cuteness outweighs his trouble again.


The little trouble maker turned 4 last week. We threatened to take away his birthday so he would stay 3 for another year, but we ended up throwing him a party. When Spencer was asked what he wanted for dinner he replied, "pancakes." So we subjected our families to breakfast for dinner with pancakes, a couple different egg dishes, bacon, and a glorious blueberry pastry thingy that Lindsey made (I think there is a real term for it, but I don't remember).

Spencer is always trying to play with our iPods, so we made him an iPod shaped cake. We also got him a cheap mp3 player so he can listen to his songs without messing around with ours.


Spencer got another toy guitar for his birthday. He loves them all. It plays a few songs with the lyrics. On the most popular song, Wesley said he thought it plays, "Sweet Home on the Llamas."

Spencer, while getting his cereal ready to eat, looks at the milk carton and says, "Oh yeah, this is from cow squirt." Our kids are very interested in where our food products originate.

This morning at breakfast, Elliott mixed up some chocolate milk for him and his brothers. When he finished drinking his milk, he looked at the chocolate mix left in the bottom of the cup and said, "there's some sludge in the bottom of this cup." I asked him where he learned to use the word "sludge." Apparently his language enrichment class is doing good for him.

Lindsey texted me this message: I started watching a cooking show and Spencer stopped to watch it with me. Then he said, "Mom, I wanna cook now." I hope we have a chef in the making!

The other day we went to Eastmont Park for a change of pace. We don't visit that park very often because the play equipment isn't very impressive. There were several people with unleashed dogs. On our way out, we passed a lady with an unleashed dog and Wesley took the initiative to look out for his little brother and inform the lady, "Spencer doesn't like dogs." The lady replied, "It's okay, he likes people." Yeah, cause that makes it all better!


I haven't posted much about my new found hobby, scuba diving. Last fall Lindsey and I started thinking about taking a trip to Hawaii. I mentioned to a scuba certified friend that if he and his wife came with us, I would get scuba certified also so we could dive there. Well, they agreed to go on vacation with us (coming up in May) and I signed up for scuba classes. My dad also got excited about the idea, so over the week of Thanksgiving the two of us took scuba classes in the evenings. My first couple dives to get certified were in Lake Chelan the last week of November. We used dry suits so even with 4 inches of snow on the ground, 27 degree air temp, and 38 degree water temp, we stayed pretty warm.

After we got certified, we waited a couple weeks while our own equipment was being ordered. Then on December 29th, Aaron took my dad and me out to Whidbey Island for our first real dive. Since there were a lot of "firsts" happening, I struggled with my buoyancy for a while at first, but once we got down deep enough, it was amazing. Now I'm looking forward to doing a lot more!

Getting my equipment ready...

Aaron, me, and my dad. Almost ready...

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