Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First Day of School... a little late - by Brad

Life has been very busy the past month. I am going to try to catch up in the next couple days...

The first day of school (a month ago) was the start of Kindergarten for Wesley and second grade for Elliott. Wes was very excited for school to start and would come home running around the house shouting about how much he loved it.

Since the older boys experience the excitement of buying new school supplies and the first day of school, Lindsey planned to take Spencer out to breakfast with her dad. They took Spencer to breakfast in Leavenworth where he got to eat a giant pancake (his favorite breakfast food). He ate the whole thing even though he already had breakfast at home before.

Then they took him to a Harley store because Spencer loves him some motorcycles. Apparently they told Lindsey to let Spencer sit on any bike he wanted. He tested several out. Thankfully no purchases were made.


Jeremy said...

First day of school brings back lots of wild memories. Hey, I envy the giant pancakes that you can get in Leavenworth. Did you guys catch Oktoberfest over there?

Brad said...

Lindsey ran in the Oktoberfest half marathon around Leavenworth, but we didn't make it up to the main festivities.

It won't be long until you are posting first day of school pics of V!