Wednesday, October 13, 2010

End of Summer - by Brad

Catch-up post #2. As summer came to a close, we tried to get outside a few times to do a little hiking. We had one excursion that took us through sage brushy hills, through a barbed wire fence marked no trespassing, down a long dirt road toward the river. We didn't quite make it down to the river because when we took one step off the road, Elliott heard a rattlesnake hiding under a rock. We couldn't see it, but I poked a stick at it a few times to see if it would keep rattling... it did. So an executive decision was make NOT to drag everyone through waist deep rattlesnake infested sage brush. For some reason I enjoy hiking in this type of terrain. Lindsey makes fun of me and calls me Moses - leading his family through the dessert.

Spencer in the desert...

We made another trip out to our favorite spot on the Wenatchee River. This is one of the few places we can find a sandy beach around here. The salmon were spawning and jumping and the kids were running and having fun with their friends. Side note: This is the same place where the dead fish dissecting took place. No nasty pictures this time.

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