Thursday, October 14, 2010

Elliott Turns 8! - by Brad

Catch up post #3. Elliott turned 8 a few weeks ago. His cousins from Spokane came over and celebrated with the rest of our family. There was a slight dragon theme to the party, hence the viking hats... I guess dragons wear viking hats. (it was actually because of the movie How to Train Your Dragon and they are vikings or something).

Grandpa came over on his motorcycle before the party and gave Elliott his first ride. Elliott loved it. They rode for almost a half hour and I think the only reason he wanted to come home was that his cousins were waiting to play with him.

He certainly is growing up. For some reason the following picture caught my attention. It was a quiet Sunday afternoon at the grandparents house and our bellies were full from lunch. The warm fall sun was shining through the window and Elliott was relaxing on the floor reading the Sunday comics.


Nina said...

Happy birthday dear Elliott!!! I don't get to see you very much but when I do your smile and incredible heart gets me each time.God put you all together just right(:

Steph said...

Oh my word, EIGHT seems like an eternity away but I'm sure it creeps up on you! He's such a handsome little guy. :) Happy Birthday Elliott!