Saturday, September 25, 2010

Linz & Trophy - by Brad

It is Elliott's 8th birthday today and so far the most excitement has been driving to get donuts and Elliott realizing that he doesn't  have to use his booster seat. I would post more about Elliott and that mushy stuff of how good of kid he is, but I had this post all ready to go...

With the older two boys at school, Spencer has only one person to entertain during the day. Lindsey. She is the audience for his entertaining as well as the brunt of his disobeying. While I am at work, I miss out on many of these moments. I would probably forget most of these if it weren't for Lindsey's documentation process... texting.

For historical documentation purposes, here are a few of Lindsey's text messages to me...

- Someone peed into our bathtub!

- I think I need a vacation from Spencer.

- Spencer's being super funny.

- Spencer came up with a bra and squeezed it and said, "honk honk... can I wear this today?"

- Spencer just asked me if God is dead or alive. Then he said well who is died? So I said great grandpa. Then he said how did he died? Now is he in heaven? Where is heaven? Is it at grandpa's church? It is at the bowling alley? Hey, can we go bowling?

- I tried to tell Spencer in a very serious voice, "stop touching things". He just stared at me and said, "Woah. You talked like a robot." I can't stop laughing.

- Spencer's latest creation. Cellophane flip flop!

- (unrelated to Spencer) I smashed a HUGE fly in the kitchen... and maggots came out. I almost threw up!

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