Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blessed - by Linz

I started my morning with this Facebook status:

Some mornings just feel like one giant struggle to get out the door.

It was a rough morning. By the time Brad kissed me goodbye and headed off to work, Elliott was moping about not getting to play DS, Spencer was on his bed, naked and screaming about not wanting to get dressed and Wesley was crying because he got a stray hand to the cheek. I thought for sure, the day could only get better. And it did...but not before it got worse.

Not thirty seconds after Elliott and Wesley got in the car after school there was yelling, tears and arms and legs flying with the intent of injury. My bad morning had in fact turned into a bad afternoon.

Once Brad got home things started to improve. He has some sort of calming effect on the boys...something I secretly envy. Unfortunately, Brad had a meeting this evening and the positive influence of his presence quickly faded. Relaxing TV time quickly turned into fighting and an early bedtime for the boys.

But here's where the day got better. Oddly enough it happened after they were all asleep! When I went into their rooms to tuck them in and put away their books and turn off lights, it hit me. It happens even on the worst days. After the long hours of broken rules and unkind words and enforcing discipline, they win me over. After a day of feeling like an inadequate, overwhelmed and frustrated mom, I look at them sleeping and all I feel is blessed. And then I pray that I can remember this feeling even in the chaos that morning is sure to bring!


Brazenlilly said...

SO TRUE, Lindsey. I'm right there with you. It's in God's design that they are so cute and precious in their sleep, so my desire to lock them in the closet can subside. ;)

Steph said...

Yes, me too! I feel this way almost daily. It is truly odd (but amazing) how much I can let go of by just seeing them safe and sound asleep.

butters said...

HA... I felt prompted to write a comment and then I laughed out loud because my "girls" did too! Perhaps lindsey I feel funny because we've never officially met. But, I do feel like I know you a little because your girl(Beck a Beck) speaks only the best of you. Reading this posts makes me smile because I so can relate. I think one of my favorite times of the day is when I check on my boys before bed and just stand there in awe of who they are and how much I love them. It's a marvel... especially after a hard day. From what I hear, you do a really wonderful job with your three little buddies, so I'm all ears for tips when it comes to having boys! Thanks for sharing! Hope to officially meet you one day!! Jenna

Anonymous said...

What a great post! I totally identify with what you said! That feeling of "This time will be over in a flash" hit's almost every night when I tuck in my girls. Some nights I tear up at the thought of them years from now and wondering if they'll remember all the times I failed as much as they'll remember the good times.
Thanks for shareing.
~ Jordan

Braddock Family Blog said...

Yeah, this one made me tear up! Yet, I don't dare go into to there rooms for fear that they will wake up and then we won't be able to get them back to bed for hours!