Saturday, July 24, 2010

We're Dot Com Now - by Brad

Well, today marks the day that we officially go dot com. I purchased the domain address and after wading through all kinds of setup instructions, I got blogger to point to the right place. Actually, it really didn't take more than 45 minutes, and $22 (which registers the site for 3 years).

Don't worry, should still work and it will still get you to our site.

I wanted to get the singular "" but it was taken by a relative who lives back east (and who still hasn't setup anything), so we settled for the the plural jaks.

Now that we have done away with the "bjournal" part of the address, we can think about titling this blog something different. Suggestions?

Anyway, I am showing my geekiness again by getting slightly excited about our own domain name. I better wrap this up and get to bed.


Jeremy said...

Your own That's a cheap price too. I've got three suggestions for the new name:

A. Posenjak of Hearts
2. Posenjak in the Box
D. Posenjak the Ripper

Try and come up with better names. I dare you.

Jeremy said...

I've got some more:

5. Posenjak Black
E. Posenjak Sprat
8. Posenjak Nicholson

Try and come up with better names. I double dare you.

Brad said...

Foo, you are the most random person I've ever known.

I had to look up who Jack Splat was. What are you sayin' about me and my wife?

What about Posenjaks-n-5

Jeremy said...

Trust me, I'm not done yet:

F. Posenjak and Coke
9. Posenjak and the Beanstalk
J. Posenjak and Jill

Many have tried. All have failed.

Jeremy said...

I gots me some more Jacks, Jak:

10. Posenjak Daniels
K. Posenjak Kevorkian
11. Posenjak Palance

The student has become the teacher...