Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Races, Wind, Hiking, Waterslides, Family - by Brad

This Fourth of July weekend was spent with my entire immediate family. My sister Gail is back from Papua New Guinea for a whole year. So this weekend, Carol and her family came over to Wenatchee for a few days. We spent Saturday evening in Waterville with a picnic dinner at a park and then a demolition derby at the fairgrounds. We were overloaded with country music that evening, but it was still fun. We have a few park pictures, but we didn't bring our camera to the derby.

Sunday morning was spent at church where the power went out about five minutes before church started. It came back on about five minutes after church was over. Leading music is rather tricky without power, but God was praised one way or another. In the afternoon, we headed to East Wenatchee in Dad's 1929 Ford Model A and the 1939 Plymouth Pickup for the city's 75th anniversary/independence day celebration. There was an antique car show going on, and the organizers invited dad to bring his vehicles into the lineup.

There were hamburgers and hot dogs for 5 cents each... no strings attached. The main problem was the 30 mph winds that blew half of our food and utensils away. Everyone ended up with 5 cent pie on themselves (or on their purses). There were also free games for the kids to play. Notice the need to hold the plates down...

Emma and Elliott ready for some sack races in their Papua New Guinea coffee sacks...

We watched the fireworks from my parents house. Here's my grandma and me bundled up in matching blankets...

On Monday we went up past Entiat to Silver Falls.

Tuesday we headed up to the water slides in Chelan. It was a perfectly warm sunny day for that activity. Elliott surprised me with how daring he was. Wesley and Spencer were a little timid. Thanks to our generous baby-sitting family, Lindsey and I even got to go on a couple water slides together. We didn't bring a camera to the water slides, so no pictures of that here. Maybe some will show up on a family member's blog.

Great memories were had by all.

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