Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Yup, We're Old / 6th Commandment - by Brad

Lindsey and I went to Lake Chelan on Saturday without our kids. We forgot that during Memorial Day weekend thousands of partying college-age kids descend on the town.

We browsed a few shops downtown Chelan. As we walked into a jewelry store, the owner asked, "Are the kids leaving you alone?"

At first, we thought, "how does he know we have kids?" Then we realized, he was talking about the college-age kids in relation to us non-college-age folks! Apparently we are officially old and not easily mistaken for college-age anymore.

We did not buy anything from the jewelry store man.


This morning at breakfast, I was ironing my shirt when I heard Elliott tell Spencer, "You can't do that because that's against the 6th commandment."

Then Wesley chimed in, "and it's against the law and you would go to jail."

I went out and asked Elliott what Spencer said. Apparently Spencer had said, "I'm gonna cut off your head with a chainsaw."

I probably should have been more disappointed with Spencer, but I was proudly distracted by the fact that Elliott knew that "do not murder" is the 6th commandment.

For the record, our kids don't play any video games where you cut off heads with chainsaws. I am a little baffled where Spencer gets his "creativity". I am sure he says these things to get a rise out of his older siblings. The youngest child can be that way (personal testimony).


Jeremy said...

Wow... Getting old sucks. :) I still think you have guys have boyish and girlish good looks so be proud that you moisturize daily so you can keep it up.

Gail said...

Really, the youngest child will try to get a rise out of older siblings? So surprised over here. (Is my sarcasm coming across?)
Sorry to hear that you are getting old. However what does that mean for me?
Can't wait to see you all soon. I will steer clear of Spencer and a chainsaw.