Saturday, June 05, 2010

Wes Quotes - Brags, Girls, Floss - by Brad

Lindsey is away for the weekend, so I have got to spend a lot of time with the boys the last couple days. For a boy that doesn't talk much, Wesley says a lot of funny things.

Wesley was bragging about a computer game last night to a friend (a girl) while we drove her and and Elliott to a pizza party.

Wes: I got the high score.
Elliott: And then I beat your high score.
Wes: Well, I beat Spencer's high score.
Spencer: I didn't even play that game!
Wes: Yeah... like I said, I beat Spencer's high score.

Today in the car.

Wes: I know how to tell if dogs are boys or girls.
Wes: The girls dogs have longer eye lashes.
Elliott: No.
Wes: Well, the girl dogs have bows in their hair.
Elliott: No.

I didn't respond because, at this point, I don't mind that our kids are in the dark about how to tell boys and girls apart... besides the longer eyelashes and bows in their hair.

Just a few minutes ago while the boys were sitting on the couch watching some old Pink Panther cartoons.

Brad: Wes, what are you doing?
Wes: Flossing my teeth.
Brad: With what?
Wes: A rubber band.


Brazenlilly said...

OK, the dog one is hilarious. I was kind of picturing it as an exchange between a slightly clueless Michael Scott and a deadpan Jim Halpert, shooting down all Michael/Wesley's theories. Those boys are so funny!

Anonymous said...

Oh man,
I'm totally cracking up about this post. Thanks for sharing!