Friday, June 25, 2010

CA Vacation, Day 8 - by Brad

We headed out from Roseville with Aunt Shirley this morning headed toward the Six Flags in Vallejo. We got there right as it was opening and we were pleasantly surprised that it was not very busy the entire day. We saw tigers, orcas, dolphins, camels, sharks, walruses, birds, butterflies, fish. The older boys went on several rides (Spencer was a stick-in-the-mud) and we ate giant corn dogs. It was a very fun day. There will be more pictures when we get home... it is almost midnight and I am not in the mood to pick through them.

After Six Flags, we ate at In-N-Out Burger in Vacaville. Back in Roseville, we said goodbye to Aunt Shirley and headed north to Redding via some small back highways. We stopped at a small gas station in some hick-ville where some drunk (or stoned guy) was bleeding profusely from his forehead. The store manager was calling the cops while the bleeding man's friends were trying to take him away before the cops got there. Not sure what happened, but no pictures of that, sorry. We finally arrived at our hotel around 10:50 PM. The two younger boys were asleep, but Elliott was still going strong.

Funny quote from Spencer in the car ride...

Spencer: My feet are stinky.
Lindsey: Ewww! Keep them away from me (jokingly).
Spencer: No, for reals, I need a bath!

Not sure where he picked up the "for reals" phrase.

Tomorrow we head back to Wenatchee. Estimated 12 hours in the car. Yippee! The good news is that my sister Gail is back from Papua New Guinea and we get to see her soon! That will keep the vacation excitement going!

Day 8 Route:

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