Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CA Vacation, Day 6 - by Brad

8:00 - breakfast of eggs, sausage, cereal, toast
9:30 - dessert
10:00 - walk in the orchard, eat a couple apricots
11:00 - cousins come over and entertain the boys
12:00 - tacos for lunch
12:30 - more dessert
1:00 - drop boys off at cousins house
[Lindsey and I go to outlets and shop childless]
5:00 - hit Starbucks for some iced Chai
6:00 - back to cousins house for BBQ burgers
[chatting and playing]
8:00 - more dessert, cheesecake and cookies
9:00 - ride to fruit stand and pick up large quantities of apricots
10:00 - back to grandma's, consoling sad boys because we start our trek home tomorrow.
Good news is that there is more excitement to come!


Nina said...

This Calif. trip will bring a smile to the boys and you for years to come! What a blessing that you got to go!

Anonymous said...

I think you need to eat more!! You sound like you're malnourished. Gram isn't cooking enough for you. ;)
ha ha!
Have a safe trip home!