Friday, June 18, 2010

CA Vacation, Day 1 - by Brad

Yesterday was Elliott's last day of first grade, so this morning we packed up the van and started our California road trip... beginning with some Dutch Brothers coffee (and chai for me). We drove south for a few hours until we apparently crossed the Atlantic Ocean and arrived at Stonehenge for a lunch break.

If you line up the monuments just right, it points to the sacred windmills...

After we took several pictures of our druids, we crossed over the Columbia River and drove through many tiny towns in Eastern Oregon until we reached Bend. We checked into our shady little Motel 6 accommodations and then we thought we would try to make it to the Lava River Caves just south of Bend. However, the park was closed about an hour before we got there, so we turned around and had dinner at the Black Bear Diner. The food was pretty good, and the server was excellent. He even chased us down to return our cheap pen we left on the table. There will be more written about the lava caves tomorrow.

Day 1 Route:


Peaby said...

sweet...another day by day from Brad. My favorite! Glad we can share in your vacation experience...without the hours in the car.

Nina said...

Blessings on your vacation! Who is that beautiful lady in one of your pictures? (: