Friday, May 07, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge - by Brad

This week I had a work conference at the Great Wolf Lodge, so we took the boys out of school and the family came with me. We arrived Monday morning and the place was crazy. The water slides were packed with people and there were swarms of kids everywhere. This was the leftover crowd from the weekend. Later that afternoon the crowd died down and it wasn't too busy.

The biggest feature of the lodge is definitely the water park. There is a play area in the water park for little kids, but if they stray a little bit, there are toys that randomly dump water. Spencer and Wesley don't like water in the face, so they didn't want to play on anything except the toy jet skis.

Apologies for the pictures. We forgot our camera, so all these grainy/blurry pictures were taken with our phones.

The signature water slide is called the Howlin' Tornado. This ride is on a raft, you have to have two to four people on it, it starts of down a dark tunnel, you hit a big drop off (that puts your stomach in your throat), then you slide back and forth down a large funnel. When we arrived, Elliott said that he would not go down it. He slowly worked his way up the different levels of water slides until he decided that he wanted to try it. I'll admit I was more nervous about going on it than he was.

These pictures are from after we got off the slide... as you can tell, Elliott loved it.

There are about 100 steps to hike up to where the big slides start. After Elliott made me hike this about 15 times, and go down the water slides, I started getting queasy and he had to continue alone. I think the high level of chlorination didn't help my stomach either. Here's a picture from our room of the water slides that come out of the water park. The red and yellow one is the Howlin' Tornado.

There was also pajama story time at 8:00 before bed in the lobby. Spencer hated the dressed up wolf, but since all the other kids were lining up to hug the weird dressed up wolf, so did Elliott and Wesley.

We took the boys to the arcade a few times. They loved winning tickets to buy cheap toys. I think we spent $25 and got about $2 worth of toys. Just like gambling, we have to recognize that we were paying for entertainment, not a product.

After a couple days of non-stop entertainment, the boys were completely worn out...

Lindsey did a great job with the kids while I was at the conference classes. It was a big job trying to keep the kids organized in a small hotel room and watch three boys at the water park, but she was great. Thanks Linz!

A short review opinion...

Besides the water park and arcade, there is also a "magic quest" game that takes the kids running all over the hotel waving magic wants and computerized wizards and treasures. However, this costs about $25 per kid. It looked like fun for older kids, but we didn't partake. There is also a video game room for more $$, and crafts for more $$.

We probably would have felt like we were just being continually ripped off if we had to pay for our own hotel room. Since the hotel (which includes the water park admission) was being paid for us, we didn't mind paying for a couple extras.

Definitly do not go on a weekend or during a spring break. When the hotel is full (as it appeared to be when we arrived) the water park is packed and the place is very crowded. I would suggest only going during the middle of the week during school.

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