Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Eventful Day for Spencer - by Brad

Yesterday was an eventful day for Spencer. When he woke up, we told him that he could come to work with me for a couple hours in the morning. He was so excited to go to work with me that he was even willing to put on a tie and wear nice clothes. It was fun to see him buzzing around the house with excitement like he was going to explode.

At work Spencer colored, stapled, explored all my desk drawers, and played games on my phone. We went to the cafe and bought a cookie for him. He opted to take the stairs instead of the elevator. There is something about that boy that doesn't like elevators.

Lindsey picked him up after a couple hours and I was able to get a little work done. About five minutes before five o'clock Lindsey called me and sounded very urgent. Spencer was jumping on our bed while the boys were whipping blankets at his feet. They were all having a fun disobedient time while Lindsey was baking in the kitchen. Spencer had fallen down (because of blankets wrapped around his feet) and banged his head on the headboard of our bed. This left a decent gash in his forehead and Lindsey quickly identified that it would need stitches. So I met her at the emergency room entrance and while she took Spencer in for stitches, I took the boys home for dinner. Spencer was brave and tough even though Lindsey said she should see that he was quite nervous about what the doctor was going to have to do.

I could tell the older boys felt very guilty afterward because they both made commitments to never go in our room again, and when Spencer came home, they were very protective of him and his forehead.

Spencer has banged his head on so many things, he always has some sort of welt or scrape. It was just a matter of time until he would be in the E.R. Now we wait for the next time.

Thank you Lord that it wasn't worse than a few stitches!


Brazenlilly said...

Oh my goodness! That last picture is so sad! I'm always wondering when will be my first trip the ER with Carson. I'm sure it is pretty unnerving! Glad he is OK! Those first few pics of him at the office are really adorable. :)

Nina said...

What a sweet and brave little man! They have a great dad to look up to (:

Anonymous said...

I don't think I have ever seen Spencer look like that - He is always so smiley! Gram K
P.S. the office picture is my screen saver!

Gail said...

Well the pictures of Spence at work are very cute. I am sure he had a wonderful time hanging out with Dad. I hope he is feeling okay now. I can totally imagine E & W feeling bad for S and for disobeying. Hopefully it will be a while before the next visit to the emergency room.