Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday - by Brad

Talk about another strangely spelled time unit. Wed-nes-day. Who says that? Why not spell it Whensday? This is why I am an accountant, not an Englishy person.

Woke up at 6:00. Read Psalm 104-105. Showered and dressed for work. Some of the brands that help out in this process are Head & Shoulders, Irish Spring, Speed Stick, Colgate, and Remington. Mixed it up this morning with a buttered English muffin to go along with the half glass of chocolate milk. Warmed up some pumpkin bread for Spencer, a bagel for Elliott, and poured some cereal for Wesley.

Off to work for a morning full of MS Excel spreadsheets. I received a break in the monotony when I received an email from Lindsey. She went running this morning pushing Spencer in the stroller and then emailed me saying:

So when we got back from the run, Spencer said, "Phew, my feet are sore from our running....and I'm stinky from that running. How do you love them apples?" :-)

Lunch at noon. Stopped for gas on the drive home. Similar food items for lunch as the day before. Spencer had a difficult time composing himself. Played Monopoly Deal with a tired Lindsey (this time I won both rounds). Back to work.

More Excel spreadsheets and balancing asset and depreciation values for the financial statements.

Home for a quick dinner before our home group. Left over lasagna and corn bread. Lindsey and I scrambled to clean up the house and re-arrange the furniture upstairs since our new home group study requires a television for the short video series. People started showing up at our house around 6:30. I gave the boys a pep-talk about behavior... didn't really matter. I missed half of the discussion because Spencer was trashing his room and yelling. He spent the remainder of the evening alone on my bed with much whimpering to follow. Nonetheless, good fellowship was had and some tasty banana nut cake was consumed. One problem is that people bring dessert to our house the group eats half, and then they leave the rest with us. Anyone want to relive us of our excess cake?

Boys to bed at 9:00 again tonight. Lindsey and I relaxed to watch the latest episode of LOST. I am quickly tiring of this last season. It seems that there is a lot going on, but nothing is resolving. I'm ready for the series finale. They better tie the hundred loose ends together.

Blogging and going to bed at 10:12. Is my rambling getting longer? Sorry about that.


Peaby said...

fantastic, Bradley. You guys always have quite an assortment of breakfast bready items. That's why I like coming to visit. (I guess that's not the only reason). Don't you worry, though. I am an Englishy person, and "February" and "Wednesday" make no sense to me either.

Brad said...

Yes, we are carboholics. We will be sure to have bread abounding when you visit... next week!