Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tuesday - by Brad

To continue my one-week series on my average day, here's Tuesday...

Woke up at 6:00. Read the preface and first chapter of "Crazy Love" for our home group study tomorrow. Showered & dressed for work. Ate one slice of toast and peanut butter and a half glass of chocolate milk... yes, the same as yesterday - I am a creature of habit (some may call that a lack of creativity or laziness... they might be correct). Toasted and buttered a bagel for Elliott, poured a bowl of cereal for Wesley. Spencer slept in while Lindsey woke up early to run five miles. Off to work. Needed my sunglasses on this beautiful sunny cold morning. Had to give the radio in my truck a mild punch on the volume button to get it to work.

Meeting at 8:00 to present the financial status of my employer. No great news, but no bad news either. I omitted the first "R" when pronouncing the name of the prior month, but I did not misspell it on any official documents. Another meeting at 11:30 to discuss the financial abilities of a certain department that specializes in criminal incarcerations. [The descriptive vagueness is my attempt to keep the separation of work and blog]

Home for lunch at noon. Lindsey was watching a friend's daughter for the afternoon. I had a Swiss, salami, and turkey bagel sandwich. Then some chips and salsa. Then a homemade granola bar. Then a plum. And I stole a sip of Lindsey's root beer while she was on the phone. Back to work. For Jim... I worked on our compiling our 2009 annual financial statements - this is a several week process. Most of my time during this afternoon was spent on the statement of cash flows for the proprietary funds. (governmental accounting is a strange beast - how much detail do you really want?)

Went home from work a few minutes early to help Lindsey get ready to have some company over for dinner. Lindsey made lasagna, salad and bread. I think we used our "official" dining room for about the fifth time in as many years that we have lived here. We had a nice time with the Greg, Cathy, Ryan, Nancy, Aayla, and Ameira.

We tossed the kids in bed at 9:00 - a late night for them, and relaxed to watch last Tuesday's episode of LOST online. Off to bed at 10:18.

Side note: This series is focusing on the daily processes I am personally witnessing. Lindsey probably has a hundred other things she does that I don't see and therefore are not being recorded. She can blog her own weekly journal if she feels led.

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