Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday - by Brad

Woke up at 6:00. Read Psalm 106-108. Showered and dressed for work. Black shirt, khaki slacks, brown tie, brown belt, brown shoes. I will admit that I feel a little stylistically edgy mixing black and brown... but Lindsey says I am okay as long as my belt and shoes match, right? Breakfast was exactly the same as yesterday. Apparently the kids are creatures of habit also. Head to work at 7:45.

More work on the financial statements. For the one or two people in the world who like looking at financial statements, here is an example of what I single-handedly prepare each spring (warning, it's a 150 page PDF).

Home for lunch at noon. Lasagna... third day in a row, 'cause that's how I roll. Grazing. Chat with Lindsey, Wesley, and Spencer.

Back to work. More financial statement excitement. Back home.

A typical Thursday evening consists of the rushing home from work and rushing through dinner. Followed by...

Dropping Spencer off at Grandpa's house
  Picking up cousin Ella
    Picking up friend Ellie
      Taking kids to AWANA
        Music practice at our church
      Picking up kids from AWANA
    Dropping off Ellie
  Dropping off Ella
Picking up Spencer from Grandpa's house

But this is not what I did tonight. For Lindsey's mom's birthday, we (I mean Lindsey) hosted 13 adults and 3 kids for a party. While dinner was on the BBQ, Spencer was playing in the back yard and decided to whip "it" out and pee on the back patio. A short conversation ensued about the proper time to use the great outdoors as your bathroom. Then grandpa and I had a pretty good chuckle because it's just funny.

I had to eat my dinner quickly... BBQ chicken and pork ribs... and then rush off to the monthly elder/deacon meeting at church leaving the party behind. The meeting was finished at 10:30 and on the way home I had to sit in traffic for 15 minutes as the bridge was restricted to one lane for construction. When I got home, Lindsey was still cleaning up and Spencer was still awake in his bed.

Going to bed at 11:12.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for picking up and dropping Ella off for us!! We really really appreciate it!

Janet said...

So THAT'S why Elliott and Ellie weren't at Sparks toinght. Laurie's birthday bash caused a drop in attendance at both Sparks and Cubbies. I guess that's okay THIS TIME. ;-)

BTW, I'm sure enjoying your daily reports. What prompted you to do that?

Janet said...

Whoops - I meant "last night."