Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break - Day 2 of 2 - by Brad

Since Spencer was still not feeling well Monday morning, he slept in until 9:00. I took Elliott and Wesley down to partake in the hotel's continental breakfast. I think many other families had the same Spring break idea as we had... to find the cheapest hotel with an indoor pool. Breakfast was incredibly crowded. We stood in line to make waffles and then snuck a couple yogurts and spoons out to our room so Lindsey and Spencer would have something to eat.

Instead of going to the zoo in the rain and wind, we ended up at the Seattle Aquarium. To show that it really does pay off to be polite... after Lindsey and the boys entered the Aquarium doors, I kept holding the door open for an older gentleman, his adult daughter, and his grand kids. He seemed a little surprised, and when we got in the building he asked if we were members of the Aquarium. We said, "No" and then he asked if we would like his extra adult pass (a $17 value). He then looked at Elliott and said, "That's what can happen when you hold the door for others." Anyway, the boys loved seeing all the different fish... even though it was very crowded. The only disappointment was that they had no sharks at this aquarium.

After the fish zoo, we headed to my sister's house in Redmond and the boys played with their cousins for a couple hours. Because of the horrible weather forecast for the mountain passes (and our lack of traction tires) we left Redmond earlier than we wanted. It turned out to be a good idea because when we went over the pass at 5:00, it was just bare and wet. When we got home at 6:30, I checked the pass cameras and it was completely white with snow and slush. We just squeezed by.

Spencer seemed to have his energy back and was substantially over his sickness by the time we left the Aquarium. Also, because of the lighting at the aquarium, pictures need to be photoshopped a little before they are posted. Hopefully pictures will follow.

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