Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Kids & Guns - by Brad

I purchased a new gun a couple weeks ago, a Glock 19. Of course when I brought it home, the boys wanted to see it. Don't worry, the gun was not loaded, and there are no new holes in our kitchen...

Then we took the boys shooting. Our friend Ellie has a nice pink 22. She is quite the sharp-shooter.

Elliott and Wesley both got to shoot the little rifle. I thought about changing the color of the gun in photoshop, but this will go on record to show them that the first gun they ever shot was pink.

They also got a chance to shoot the 22 revolver.

Elliott and Wesley both tried shooting the Glock once, but I had to squeeze their hands so tight that it wasn't any fun for them.

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Anonymous said...

YES! You are my hero Brad!! Good work! Way to show your boys how to be men - even if they did shoot a sissy pink gun - it's still a real gun! :)