Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday - by Brad

Woke up at 6:00. Read Psalm 109-112. Showered and dressed for work. Once again, each boy chose the same thing for breakfast as yesterday. I even overheard Lindsey asking Elliott what he wanted her to pack in his lunch. He responded, "The same as yesterday."

Off to work. Struggled all morning with the most difficult of all the financial statements I work on. All the numbers roll up into this financial statement. The difficult part is making sure it balances with all the other statements.

Went out to lunch with a friend. To Lemolo's Cafe. I had a pulled pork sandwich. Delicious, but expensive. Good conversation. Back to work.

Finally unlocked the key to the financial statement that frustrated me all morning. The most difficult piece is done. Now it should be smooth sailing from here on out with the financial statements.

When I got home, the boys were no where to be found. The mother of the girl Lindsey watched earlier this week was watching our boys for the evening so Lindsey and I could have a date. We went shopping for a little while. I bought a jacket. Then we went to dinner at a El Porton... it's a Mexican restaurant in case you couldn't figure that out. We had to wait a while to be seated, but the food and company were good. Lindsey had a side taco and side of rice. I had the carne asada.

Picked the boys up, drove home, and put them to bed. Lindsey and I opened up some Reese's Pieces and Skittles and watched the movie Public Enemy. I think she picked it because it has Johnny Depp. It was way too long and she fell asleep. Carried Lindsey to bed. 11:48.

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Nina said...

Fun getting to know you in this way.Starting your day in His word is the best kind of start. You're a blessing!