Thursday, March 04, 2010

Earthworms - by Brad

Evolution has failed our local earthworms. Every time it rains, the earthworms pour out of the dirt and flood the sidewalks. More often than not, due to the climate here in Wenatchee, the rain quickly turns to bright sunshine and the humidity subsides. This spells certain death for the earthworms who require damp conditions. As the worm starts to dry out, one end of its body sticks to the sidewalk while the rest of its body tries to stretch itself anywhere but in the sunlight. At least the birds benefit from their stupidity. When I witnessed this yesterday morning while walking into work, I felt an urge (a very small urge) to rescue each one of these earthworms and throw them back onto the grass. However, that is not the image (of insanity) I am going for.

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Peaby said...

you don't want to be know as the "worm whisperer"?