Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Filling in with Chips - by Brad

I wasn't so sure about these chips. I had passed them up before because I didn't think I could handle eating mixed chips. I told Lindsey my tendency would be to separate the two flavors and eat them independently. Last night, Lindsey found some of these real cheap at grocery outlet (probably because they are discontinuing this strange product line... that's speculation, not a fact). So we tried them last night and they are surprisingly good. The zesty taco actually tastes like chili cheese fritos, so the ranch flavored chips complement them quite well. Maybe they aren't my new favorite chips, but they were definitely edible.


Peaby said...

I told you so.

Brad said...

Was it you that I was having that discussion with? I assumed it was Lindsey. Well, this is a confessional for my doubting.