Thursday, October 01, 2009

Spencer Quotes - by Linz

Spencer often sings or talks to himself while he is playing with toys...especially when his brothers aren't around. Yesterday I over heard him saying, " 'Cause I like you and I'll keep you...Do you want me to keep you mom?...well I am not going to keep you, I'm going to leave you at home..."

Last night in the car Spencer was talking to me about his Bible. He seemed to understand that he is supposed to take his Bible to church. So I asked him if he knew what the Bible was about. "Um...God." I have to admit that I didn't expect him to know the answer. So I tried another one, "Do you know who God's son is?"
Spencer: "I don't know. Who is it?"
Me: "His name is...."
Spencer: "OH, Jesus... can I take my Bible to bed?"
Me: "Sure."
Spencer: "Actually, I don't want to go to bed. I'm ready to worship... 'cause I have my Bible!"

And here is a random photo of our crazy boy!


We Are The Jones' said...

Spencer is one smart boy...and a good Christian :)

Anonymous said...

Nice little Christian Soldier. :)
Good work guys!