Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Misc. - by Brad

I am waiting on Lindsey to post AB#8, but here is a post for some filler anyway.

Lindsey emailed me this short conversation while I was at work yesterday...

Spencer: I want to go pick up Daddy.
Lindsey: We don't need to. Daddy took his own car to work.
Spencer: What own car?
Lindsey: His truck.
Spencer: Well, that is not a car.

On another topic, Wesley is still loving preschool. Similar to Elliott's preschool field trip two years ago, Wesley's class went gleaning wheat to take back to class and make bread. Lindsey went with and snapped a couple pictures (Spencer tagged along also).

His preschool teacher is pretty creative with the kids. Wesley is looking forward to the day his class gets to ride the city bus! Lindsey told me that on the preschool schedule, there is an evening where his teacher opens up her house to her students and their siblings so the parents can have date nights!

Here are some other pictures Lindsey took that I thought were worthy of posting...

A typical sight around bed time or nap time. Spencer with his "square blanket".

Another common sight, Elliott working on his Legos...

Wesley's bony hands and feet...

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