Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Few Days of School - by Linz

I have been remiss in posting a "First Day of School Blog"!

Elliott started first grade this year! He is a seasoned veteran at this first day of school business. He posed for the stanard picture by the front door, but the sun was in his eyes and he was itching to get to school. He asked me at about 7am, "Mom, can't I just go to school now?" It makes it much easier to send them off to school when they are so excited to go. Elliott is now walking to and from his class by himself, which means I don't have to get Wes and Spencer out of the car and trek them across the school grounds to Elliott's class. He enjoys feeling like a big kid and I am thankful to wait in the car!

Wesley started preschool this year. About three weeks before school started he seemed really unsure about the whole idea. So we made an appointment to go and see his class and meet his teacher, then he had an orientation day and by the time the first day of school rolled around he was more than happy to go! He told me on the way home, "I will never cry when you leave me there. I can't stop loving it!" I think seeing Elliott head off to school with such enthusiasm helped him to see that school was a good thing! Wesley's first day of school photo shoot was a bit more thorough than Elliott's. A few shots in, Wes was started changing his poses, making little head nods and turns here and there....very GQ!

So that leaves Spencer at home for some one on one time with mom. I am loving this new dynamic. I have noticed on the mornings when Wes stays home, Spencer sticks pretty close to his brother. He has fun with mom, but I can tell that he really misses Elliott and Wesley.


We Are The Jones' said...

They look so snazzy!

Brad said...

Some related info (from my perspective)...

During the last couple weeks before school, Wesley was very clingy and sad in the mornings because he didn't want me to leave for work. Last week he told me, "I don't care if you go to work anymore, because I get to go to school!"