Friday, September 18, 2009

Brothers in Arms - by Brad

While we are waiting for Lindsey to finish the next installment of vehicle posts, I thought I would fill in with a series of pictures she took on our hike last weekend.

Wesley has always hidden or been really stubborn when it comes to picture taking, but that seems to be changing. I think it is starting to be a comedic outlet for him. He is quite the joker (pesky little brother) and I believe he finally figured out how to use the moments in front of the camera to his advantage.

After hiking for a while, Elliott wanted to rehydrate. Maybe Wesley simply wanted a shoulder to lean his tired head on, but it ended up getting playfully aggressive...


Brazenlilly said...

Ridiculously cute. Just ridiculous.

Becky said...

Oh I miss those boys! Sounds like a fun day and these pictures are just adorable. Those boys sure love each other.