Monday, September 28, 2009

"Auto" Biography #6 - 1996 Jetta - by Linz

1996 Volkswagen Jetta Trek

After my first Jetta went on it's way, I got yet another Jetta to take it's place. My dad searched all over town and the internet and ended up driving all the way to Portland to pick this car up for me. This was the car I had all through college. When I lived in Langely, B.C. I made quite a few trips to Salem to visit Brad. I logged a lot of hours on the I-5 corridor.

I loved this car! It also had a few VW flaws. This time it was exterior trim that fell off. I remember one incident when I was out with my sister and I drove through a large puddle in a parking lot, and the whole front bumper fell off. We got out to see what had happened and the only solution was to wade into the deep puddle, dump the water out of the bumper and stick in the back seat to take it home. It looked pretty funny to have the bumper sticking out of the back window on the way home. But my dad fixed it up for me.

My dad ended up with the car. He took the car as payment for work on our house plans. My parents are pretty gracious to give me a car and then "buy" it back! What can I say, I am blessed...and maybe a little bit spoiled!

Years Owned: October 1999 - Fall 2004

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