Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Auto" Biography #5 - 1999 Grand Prix - by Brad

1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT

Of all the cars we have owned, I believe the Grand Prix has been my favorite. Besides the Audi (future post) this was probably the nicest car we have owned. Leather interior, heated seats, Bose sound system... but my favorite option was the heads-up display.

The heads-up display digitally reflected the speed on the windshield at such an angle that only the driver could see it. It made it almost impossible to drive without losing track of how fast you were going. It may sound silly, but every time I took my car to get serviced or washed, the employee who got in to drive it away would comment on how cool that feature was. It was such a cool and practical feature I am not sure why we don't see that on every car today.

(This looks exactly like the Pontiac I owned, but this is not my car... and neither are those skid marks...)

The car had a pretty decent V6 engine that made it move quite nicely. It logged many miles driving between Wenatchee, Salem, and Langley B.C. (where Lindsey was going to college her first year). While our first kiss may have been in the Ford Escort... there were considerably more in the Grand Prix (sorry if that is too much info).

Even though I specifically bought a four-door with the intention of it serving as a family car, we ended up getting rid of it to help pay for a station wagon. Whenever I think about that Pontiac, I make a small wishful sigh of remembrance.

Years Owned: October 1999 - October 2005


Peaby said...

Also the car of yours that logged the most miles with Mike Bunch riding in it (although, I was never in it when you and Linz were making out, thank goodness). I remember two things about this car more than others (besides the HUD). The first was that you almost didn't get it after you rear-ended someone on the way back to school while reaching for a diet coke. You walked in the dorm room (after spring break, I think) and said, "I'm not getting my car." The second was that there is a little spot on the passenger door where my right index finger fit perfectly...and if I squeezed my fingertip into the little gap it made a little squeaking noise. I'm sure you remember this too :-)

Brad said...

Maybe I left out that rear-ending story on purpose... thanks a lot Mike :-)

Also, I should've mentioned that you always tried to turn on my heated seat without me noticing until my backside was burning.

Thanks for those memories!

Peaby said...

YES! that's a good one. Becky and still do that to each other in the Acura from time to time. it's a classic!