Monday, September 14, 2009

"Auto" Biography #4 - 1990 Jetta - by Linz

1990 Volkswagen Jetta (Wolfsburg edition)

This was a pretty sweet first car! Thanks to my brother it had lots of extras...fancy rims, nice stereo system, bike rack and a few more little extras. My brother owned this car first. I was supposed to drive a 1971 international Scout. The Scout was a really fun car too, but significantly more difficult to drive. So I was happy to get the Jetta. In the end the power steering went out and it was really hard to steer, but I looked cool!

The biggest memory of this car is actually before it was mine when I just had my driver's permit. My brother was taking me birthday shopping one day after school. Since he was old enough to count as the responsible driver he let me drive his nice, relatively new Jetta. So I drove to a few problems. But as we were leaving the mall, there was an intersection where you have to yield before turning left. So I waited for a few cars and then just as I hit the accelerator...CRASH! I didn't see the car at all before hitting it. As it turns out the driver of the other car was a girl that I had met the previous week in a driver's training class...ironic right. Not as ironic as this next part. Right when I heard the CRASH I remembered that at that very moment, I was supposed to be meeting my mom at the DOL to take my drive test.....DOH! I have to say that my brother was not one bit upset about me denting the front of his car....but maybe that made it easier for him to trade for the Scout!

I drove this car for my junior and senior years of high school. When I went off to college I had to leave it at home for my dad to do some work on it. (It was a VW after all!) So the day after I got to college my sister called and said, "Promise not to be mad at me, okay?" So I said, "If you have to say that, I can't promise anything." She proceeded to say that she borrowed and in the course of her travels she was hit by another car and the Jetta was toast. So that was the end of my super cute first car.

Even though it had it's share of VW like quirks: trim pieces falling off, door handles freezing and breaking off, and a few mechanical issues here and there, I was sure that my next car would be another Jetta. I guess I just have a thing for German cars.

Years owned: September 2007 - September 2009


We Are The Jones' said...

Just to clarify, someone else totalled the car while I was driving it. It was not my fault. I was being careful.

Linz said...

Okay Amy, I changed the wording for you. I hope that it is more accurate now. :-)

Samuel Vaughn said...

That VW looks exactly like my first car, with the same BBS wheels and everything. I was from Eugene, Oregon and sold it in 2000. When did you own it? Sorry to hear it is no more. That was a great car!!!