Wednesday, September 09, 2009

"Auto" Biography #2 - 1986 Escort - by Brad

I am hesitant to post another "Auto" Biography, because yesterday my truck broke down on the way to work less than 10 minutes after I posted about the old pickup. Very ironic. I was concerned that I wouldn't have much to say in AB#10, but that story will have to wait for later.

1986 Ford Escort L

Shortly before I turned sixteen, I decided that I needed something easier to drive than the old Plymouth, so I talked my parents into letting (and helping) me buy a more "reliable" car in our price range (less than $2,000). After looking around, I finally settled on the 1986 Ford Escort. I had visions of a grand stereo system with plenty of room for thumping speakers in the hatchback.

I couldn't find a picture of my car, but this one looks identical (except that mine had maroon interior)...

A friend helped me install a CD player and some speakers. I ended up buying a 13-inch bass guitar amp and figured out how to wire it to my car stereo. The bass certainly thumped, but I think the car rattling negated any "coolness" I would have otherwise achieved.

I knew my car was kind of a clunker, and I didn't treat it much better than that. We would drive it down steep roads trying to catch air over small hills. The same friend who helped me install my CD player also had a clunker. Once when his car broke down, I pushed him home bumper-to-bumper with my car. After that, we would play bumper cars with each other at stop lights. It probably wasn't smart, but hey, we were only 16 or 17. I found a stick-on "PUSH" sign that you would normally stick on a business door, and I stuck it on the back of the Escort like a bumper sticker.

Lindsey an I had our first kiss in this car.

My only speeding ticket was obtained in this car... although I was pulled over numerous times in it. The last time I was pulled over was because I had blown a head gasket and the car was sending out so much steam that the officer said he couldn't see my car in the cloud of smoke. Of all the harsh treatment that Escort went through, the head gasket was what finally did it in. By that point the expense of replacing the head gasket was more than the car was worth.

Years owned: December 1995 - Summer 1997


Peaby said...

after that first post, I was really wishing that I would see the evolution of Brad's hair along with these Auto biographies

Anonymous said...

My "first" car was an old '83 Escort two tone black and dark grey just like yours!!! That's funny. I never got to drive it though cause the engine was shot and wasn't worth fixing - I only paid $300 bucks for the car. I think I was 15 when I bought it.

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