Monday, August 31, 2009

Lincoln City '09 - by Brad

This was our fourth year in a row we went to Lincoln City with the Bunches. Our vacation started immediately after church last Sunday. I may have confused some of the timeline here, but this is how I remember it.


7.5 hour drive.


Canoeing in shallow water... interesting. Saw sea lions while canoeing in Siletz Bay, but Lindsey wouldn't let me crash into them with the canoe.

Mike and I went golfing in the afternoon and then took the boys to fly kites in the evening, but there was no wind (very unusual for Lincoln City) so they played in the water. Mike and I picked some blackberries and made plans for some blackberry cobbler.


Lazy morning for Mike and I while the girls went shopping at the outlets. In the evening we all went back down to the beach and successfully flew some kites.

Spencer and Jack became great buddies this trip. Whenever Jack was sad, he would cry out for Spencer... and in return, Spencer would playfully kick, elbow, and shove Jack around. Most of the time, they played together wonderfully.

This is probably one of the best pictures of Wesley we have got in a lot time...

While we were at the beach, there was an interesting phenomenon occurring on the beach. Between the crashing waves and a large pool of water on the beach, a canal through the sand was created. The power of the waves made the canal rather dangerous, but it didn't prevent Mike and I from playing around it.

As the tide went out, the canal became less dangerous to play around. Just enough water was running through it that it was fun to feel the power of the water rushing around your feet. I took Elliott out by the canal and several other people were playing around it as well when all of a sudden, a large wave came crashing through. There was a boy who was about 12 years old standing right in front of the wave. The two adults who were with him ran away from the water, and as I picked up Elliott, I semi-angrily shouted at them to get their kid. Luckily, Mike was out there also, and as the kid was pounded and covered up by the wave, Mike quickly ran toward him to make sure he didn't get sucked back out by the riptide. The boy was okay, but he was certainly shaken up. That put a damper on any further activity in the canal.


Mike and did a little more golfing in the morning and the girls met us in Newport for some time on the beach. We went out for Mexican food and then to a small aquarium. In the evening, we finally got around to using the blackberries to make a cobbler. My mom sent me my grandmother's recipe and it turned out pretty good. It was a little tart, but I think that was mostly because the blackberries were a little tart.

Fun with seaweed...

Fun with sand...

Fun with friends...


Packed up, stopped at the outlets in Woodburn for a little shopping, and got back to Wenatchee around 10:00 PM. Can't wait 'til next summer!

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Gail said...

Great post on your trip. Lincoln City is always fun. Looks like you had some great days on the beach. That picture of Wes is expecially good. Did you bribe him? :) I am glad your trip with Mike and Becky went so well.