Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Spencinator - by Brad

Spencer is still two years old...

Spencer likes to dump his drinks on the floor. Milk, water, juice, whatever. He also likes to put his food in his drinks.

Spencer likes to get out of bed and wander around when we aren't looking.

Spencer likes to turn on his bedroom light (when he should be sleeping), take off all his clothes and diaper, and then fall asleep naked.

Spencer asks, "Where are we going?" And to whatever answer he receives he responds, "I don't want to go (there)!"

Spencer still likes to color with Sharpies... on everything except paper.

Spencer is curious, such as this Sunday when he wandered into the church secretary's office and ate several peices of candy before we found him.

Spencer must be losing nerve endings in his posterior by now.


Spencer likes to sing and "play" his guitar.

Spencer likes to snuggle in our bed early in the morning.

Uh oh, I thought this list of redeeming qualities was going to be longer. I am sure there are more, they are just overshadowed. Anyway, he will snap out of this phase someday... or we will snap.


Steph said...

HahahahahaHahAHAHahahahHHAHAHA. And I'm only laughing because we're right there with you! Also, it's slightly hysterical laughing... :)

Anonymous said...

Ahh..the 2's...This momment right now Maisy is screaming in her room becuase she doesn't want to go to bed...Lovely. I feel your pain.