Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Spencer: Underwear, Eggs, Cherries - by Brad

Spencer likes to get into things. I believe I have mentioned this before. Last night after we put the boys to bed, I walked by their room and saw Spencer with his blanket sleepers down at his feet, wearing only a diaper. He had a pair of Elliott's underwear and was trying to put them on. Of course he isn't interested in his own underwear!

Apparently his mischief was going full speed this morning. Before I left for work, Lindsey was making her own breakfast and cracking a few eggs. I recall both Spencer and Wesley asking if they could crack some eggs. Their requests were shot down. At 9:33 this morning I received an email from Lindsey that stated...

The boys are being pretty good. Wes is just fine and Spencer is a bit whiny and I caught him in the fridge with an egg. I was answering the door because my jacket came today (I love it!) but when I went to the kitchen I saw the fridge open and Spencer was saying to himself “me going crack an egg” I think I got there just in time. So, we are going to the park... where there are no eggs!

I had a good chuckle that Spencer was helping himself to the eggs. Spencer is the only one of our boys who will open the fridge on his own and start browsing for things to entertain himself.

Less than 20 minutes later at 9:52 I received a second email from Lindsey which read...

Also I let the boys eat some cherries. Evidently Spencer thought that when I showed him how to spit the pit in the bowl, what I really meant was spit slightly chewed up cherries all over the kitchen floor... arg! I can’t wait until Spencer is 10 :-)

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Becky said...

Ahhh...just makes me miss that boy and appreciate the awesome mom Lindsey is all the more. She deserves a trophy...wait a minuute-that one's covered. Now I want to hear about her awesome coat that came in the mail...is it from SAC. :)