Friday, June 19, 2009

More reasons... - by Brad

...why you shouldn't talk to your kids.

While I was home at lunch today, I overheard Elliott complaining about his ankle hurting. Lindsey replied, "I stubbed my toes yesterday." Elliott hardly waited for her to finish her sentence when he replied, "I KNOW, you told me that three times today."

Then as I was typing this post, Lindsey told me of another thing she said (and Spencer repeated). Spencer was disobeying and so Lindsey tried sounding authoritative and said, "If you don't obey, you'll get a flick on your butt." She meant to say "spank" and "bum", but the wrong words came out. Spencer replied, "Butt... he he... I'na fick my butt."

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Brazenlilly said...

" told me three times today.." OUCH! Doesn't it just take all your self control not to mouth off and describe to him how many times he's repeated inane nonsense to you?!