Thursday, May 07, 2009

Subpar Subway - by Brad

For lack of anything better to post, I might as well rant...

A couple weeks ago, we decided to grab a picnic dinner from the Wenatchee Subway on our way to a park with the boys. This particular Subway has a drive-thru, which seems ridiculous, unless you have three excited boys who you don't really want to drag into the restaurant.

When we pulled up to the drive-thru, we were told to wait while they helped the customers inside first. Okay, we get it, they only have one table of condiments and it would be rude to cut in line just because we used the drive-thru. About five minutes later the Subway employee comes over the speaker and says, "I'm sorry, but we are all out of bread."

WHAT? Subway is out of bread? We notice a couple other customers leaving the restaurant empty handed. RI-diculous! So we drove to the next fast food restaurant and picked up some Arbys.

Well, the next week, we were headed out of town and thought we would swing by the Subway drive-thru and give them a chance to redeem themselves. We figured the manager should have whipped them in shape, after the last mishap. Again, we were told (not asked) to wait while they helped the other customers. So we sat... and sat... and sat.

After about 20 minutes, the Subway parking lot was empty - except for us sitting in the drive-thru. Despite my urge to honk the horn (and the encouragement to do so by my wife), I decided that I would not give that poorly managed restaurant our business. I drove on through and once again, Arbys made a few extra bucks because of the poorly managed Subway.

I am pretty sure we won't go back to that particular Subway. At least there is a Subway in East Wenatchee!


Brazenlilly said...

Oh, I share your outrage! That kind of stuff really ticks me off. I will say, that the world makes a little more sense now that I realized that your post was about a restaurant and not the underground mass transit of the Wenatchee area. I was a little shocked at that concept!

Brad said...

If you attempt to use the Wenatchee subway transportation system, you will have to wait a while for that also.

(I changed the first sentence to avoid further confusion).

Gail said...

Hmm, It sounds like the Subway in Wenatchee is a transplant from PNG. But we don't have Subway. However the work ethic is very similar. We get to wait like that all the time. So maybe the Lord is just preparing you for a major life move.

Anonymous said...

Dude! That is the worst one to go to! They don't even have baby spinach leaves. Wow! Gotta say I probably would have done exactly what Lindsey was saying to do...Then drove off.
Looks like we'll try to stay away from that one from now on too.
~ Jordan