Saturday, May 09, 2009

NonOmniscient Internet - by Brad

Today Wesley and I were looking at a bird's egg in our backyard and he wanted to play with it and take it inside. I told him that we didn't want to move it because I wasn't 100% sure that there was no baby bird growing inside (although I am pretty sure it was abandoned).

Later Wesley said to me, "Maybe you should look online to see if there is a baby bird inside that egg."

I wasn't sure how I could get our computer to analyze this specific egg, but Wesley thought it was worth a shot. Maybe we need to rethink how much all-knowing-ness we credit the internet with.

Also... never tell your 4-year old what he is getting his mother for mothers' day... at least not if you want it to be a surprise for her.


Anonymous said...

So Wes spilled the beans huh!?! That cracks me up! Way to go Wes! You've got the same secret keeping abilities that your aunt Amy has. :)
~ Jordan

Brad said...

I don't think Lindsey fully believed Wes, so it didn't totally ruin the surprise. I gave Wes a litte talking to, so I think he learned his lesson because later he teased Lindsey that we got her some other things.

I think he enjoys the allowable lying.

Gail said...

I remember someone else giving away gift surprises (umbrella and earrings). It must run in the family.